Why Did Jesus Compare Himself to a Metal Snake?

John 3:14-15

In just a couple of weeks, we here at Growth Project will release our second book. The first one we published was called The Marriage Pyramid and focused on what it means to have the marriage God intends for us to have. This upcoming book is a bit different. It is a sort of hybrid between a Bible Study and a devotional. I have always enjoyed both platforms but both have their shortcomings (as all things do).

Daily devotionals are a great way to give folks a snippet of truth from God’s Word on a daily basis. And there is obviously nothing wrong with that. In fact, that’s a very good thing. However, these snippets lack the depth we often need to better understand God’s Word and, consequently, to better understand God Himself.

Bible studies provide, generally speaking, the depth we need to have but are short-lived and do not drive us into the Scripture on a daily basis. The study simply lasts as long as it is designed to last. These are not criticisms of these two platforms, just observations. But we have a solution.

The solution is Growing In Grace. This devotional/Bible study hybrid takes the best of both worlds and combines them together. It’s a devotional in the sense that it is designed for regular use. It is a Bible study in the sense that it delves more deeply into the rich truths we can only find in God’s Word. It has daily readings, but each section is designed to last a week… not a day. So it’s a weekly devotional, not a daily devotional. And we will break it down into four sections.

Book One covers weeks 1-13 and the remaining books will be in 13-week increments until we get through all 52 weeks of the calendar year. There will be a devotional-type reading for each week and the related Scripture passages to read as well. It will conclude with questions to be answered. Some of the passages will be familiar, while others will be less known. And even the familiar passages will invite you to see the verses in a way that maybe you haven’t before.

For example: did you know that Jesus once compared Himself to a metal snake? I’m guessing probably not. And if you did, I am betting you’re not 100% sure what He meant by this strange analogy. He makes this reference in John 3:14-15 and is actually using a very obscure Old Testament event to make His point. It is one of the gems in Scripture that we have a tendency to overlook or dismiss as we move on to John 3:16.

So what did Jesus mean? Well, we will save most of that for the study. But here’s a hint: He was actually referring to His crucifixion. But why a snake? Why this type of snake? Why use this oft-forgotten event in the Old Testament? What is He trying to tell us? The answers to these questions can all be found in Growing In Grace. We are excited about this endeavor and I believe you will find the book to be enriching, challenging, and rewarding as we engage the Bible on many different levels.

So stay tuned and we will be announcing very soon how you can get a copy of this amazing resource.  

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