GPR 23 Job week 3 – Fiction | Contradictions | Gone with the Wind
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Supplementary Reading-
Questions to ponder:
1. Why did God basically ask Satan the same questions He asked in chapter 1 (a)?
2. What was God trying to say to Satan by emphasizing Job’s
3. What did God say about the idea that He had allowed these things to happen to Job as punishment for sin on Job’s part (b)?
4. What are we to make of Satan’s continued desire to bargain with the only omniscient Being in the universe ()?
5. What prohibition did God place on Satan regarding his continued attack on Job ()?
6. Again, what does this say about whether God causes or allows pain and suffering? And is there a difference?
7. What is Job’s wife actually trying to infer here by her fatalistic statement ()?
8. What correlation does Job’s answer () have with
. What does this say about the idea that there are things about God that will always be a mystery to us?
9. What are we supposed to do with the idea of “secret things” and unfathomable ways that God moves in relation to pain and suffering?
10. What laudable actions can we take from Job’s friends and their reaction to Job’s horrific tragedies ()?


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