GPR 22: Job Study – Chastening vs Punishment | God vs Satan | Questions
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Reading- JOB 1:1-22
Supplementary Reading-

Questions to Covered:
1. If God is omniscient, why did God ask Satan where he had come from ()?
2. What was the real meaning behind Satan’s answer (see )?
3. Why did God mention Job after Satan’s answer ()?
4. In , Satan gives us his philosophy of humanity as it relates
to God. What in essence is Satan saying about humanity’s relationship with God?
5. What prohibition did God place on Satan with regards to what Satan could do to Job ()?
6. Does this mean that Satan can only do what God allows him to do?
7. What appears to be the elapsed time period between the first person to bring Job bad news and the last one (notice the phrase
“while he was still speaking”)?
8. What was Job’s reaction to God concerning the tragedy that had
just befallen him ()?
9. In , we are told that there were a multitude of infirmed
people huddled around the pool at Bethesda. Why did Jesus heal
just the one person ()?



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