GPR 042: Genesis 7-9
Growth Project Radio

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What is “Christianity” Is there a “to do list” for us in order to be a “Christian”?  What happens if we stop believing in God?  In this  episode, Robert Houghton and Dr. Danny Purvis discuss Genesis, Chapters 7-9 (partially) from a Biblical standpoint.  What were the plagues all about anyway??  What did the people do when Moses was at Mount Sinai?  Why didn’t God just not make sin?  Can God do everything and anything?  The answer may surprise  you!  Just on a side-note, do you know how old Noah was when God told him to build the Ark?  There’s some debate regarding the flood itself… did it cover the globe or was it more localized?  What did the Ark represent, anyway?  Had there been rain on the earth prior to “The Flood”?  And ultimately, What IS God trying to get through to us about regarding sin?
Take a moment and listen in to tonight’s podcast.  Listen with new ears… you may hear some things for the first time! Be inspired… Thank God for his amazing Grace!!

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