GPR 040: Genesis 4-6 Cain-Noah
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How bad IS sin?  Why is sin a threat to mankind? Is there anything inherently wrong with a woman desiring her husband? What does that even mean!? According to Gods Word, what is the husband’s role in the household? How did “The Fall” affect marriages? Robert Houghton and Dr. Danny Purvis discuss these topics and expound on Biblical explanations behind “The Fall”
Where did Cain get his wife, anyway? How were those first people created? How did pre-Christ times differ from those after His coming? Do you know what the first murder was?  And, what is the point of genealogy in Genesis?  Do you know how Adam and Noah are connected and why is that relevant? Is it relevant?
What is God trying to tell us in Genesis Chapter 6?  And lastly, What is the deal with the flood, anyway!?? You may think you’ve heard it all before!  Have questions? Want answers?  Listen to tonight’s podcast! You’ll be glad you did!!

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