GPR 039: Intro to Genesis
Growth Project Radio

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What is so important about Genesis? Genesis is made up of 50 JAM PACKED Chapters!  It is crucial we “get” the first three chapters to “get” the entirety of The Bible “right”.  What two books of the Bible start with “In the Beginning”? God created the world in six days? Literally or Figuratively? What same phrase is repeated over and over again in Genesis?  Listen in tonight as we delve into the first three chapters of this fascinating creation story! What does God have to say to Moses about marriage and children? What four words were said that gave way to “The Fall”?  How are we all affected by The Fall of Adam and Eve? What are the results of The Fall? Did anything GOOD come out of it?
Tune in to this episode for action packed discussion on the first three chapters of Genesis.  Learn more about the devastating effects of The Fall and the eternal effects of it.  Robert Houghton and Danny Purvis help us understand more clearly “In the beginning, God”

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