GPR 032: Ephesians discussion | Ch 2-3 | Our True Condition Only Magnifies God’s Grace And Mercy
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Ephesians parts 2 & 3

What’s Grace got to do with it? Are we dead in our trespasses? Can we do anything good? Why are we here? Why do we hear preaching about sin so much? What’s the big deal about sin back in Jesus day and now? What does your spiritual filter look like? How comfortable with the world are you? What do you need to know about grace and this world? Is there anything we can or can’t do for God’s forgiveness if we come in faith to Him?

By nature we are children of wrath.  What is the biggest complaint we have about church?  Listen in as Robert Houghton and Dr. Danny Purvis discuss these lessons regarding this thing called Grace. 

#LightOverDark #HowCoolIsThat

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