GPR 031: Ephesians discussion | Ch 1 | What is an Apostle | Does God choose some for salvation?
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Ephesians Chapter 1 Whats an Apostle and does God choose certain people for salvation?

This week’s lesson is a biblical view of Paul’s letter to Ephesus. Paul was on a missionary journey in which he would plan, build, and move on to various destinations to teach the Word of God and help set up churches there.  Inevitably, problems always followed once he moved on to the next place.   The book of Ephesians is a short letter (6 Chapter) which begins with an important introduction.  He wants the churches to know these letters come to them directly from God- that he writes with authority given by God.

Did God choose you for salvation? What did God mean when he said “I chose you before the foundation of the earth” Take a moment to listen to tonight’s episode as we delve into the first chapter of this amazing 6 chapter letter.


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