GPR 029: Suicide and the Worlds Lies – Part 2 of 2
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SUICIDE PART 2: Convinced we are gods?

DISCLAIMER: Dr. Purvis and Robert want to express the fact that they are not experts nor professionals by any stretch of the imagination but have a passion to help us understand suicide from a Theological standpoint…

In this episode of Growth Project Radio Dr. Danny Purvis and Robert D Houghton discuss the statistics of just how big an issue suicide is.  We also have some friendly banter discussing a recent chance encounter with famed director Barry Cook on the set of his most recent Christian movie.  Dr. Purvis explains how he has a heart for suicide victims and sufferers originating from his time as Chaplain in the Navy.  It has been a 20-year passion of his to date. 

What are the influences on suicidal behavior? Do “Christians” commit suicide? Do we go to Heaven if we DO commit suicide?  How does the world lead us to believe we are gods? Have we been “fooled” to believe we are self- important and in charge of everything and everyone? Do we have a sense of false purpose? What exactly is the meaning of suicide? Is there real hope?

Dr. Purvis and Robert want us all to come to realize the world is lying to us.  We are never going to be a “good” person.  We don’t have to try at all… we just have to trust Jesus.  He loves us. Only He can save us from our sin.

We want to invite you to listen to this episode of Growth Project Radio.  We encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns you have on your heart.  There IS hope.  You are beautifully and wonderfully made! #HOWCOOLISTHAT #LIGHTOVERDARK




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