GPR 026: Job Week 6 God Speaks to Job | God is in control | Job Repents
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Reading- Job chapters 38-42
Supplementary Reading- ; ; ;
Questions to ponder:
1. What tone are we supposed to take away reading God’s opening words to Job ()?
2. Do you think God is chastising Job here?
3. When trying to teach Job what role He has in pain and suffering, what is the first question God asks Job and why do you think He started there ()?
4. What is God trying to say to Job (and to us) about the scope of His power and His presence () () () (; 11, 18, 33)?
5. Why do you think God listed all of these things to Job…what was His goal here especially in light of the fact that Job seems to acknowledge much of this already ()?
6. DoJob’sfirstwordsinchapter42giveussomeinsightintothis question ()?
7. What does Job conclude as it relates to the idea that his theology of pain and suffering was wrong ()?
8. Does it seem odd that Job could find something “wonderful” in God’s words despite the fact that he was still suffering from his tragedy (c)?
9. Throughout the first 37 chapters of this book, Job continuously both explicitly and implicitly asks why this is happening to him. Does God ever really answer Job’s question? Does He mention the interaction

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