GPR 006: Bible Support LIVE Q&A Show #6 Guest Host David Buck
Growth Project Radio

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Connie asks is it ok to eat “unclean” or non Kosher food?”• Connie also asks “ God uses pain to glorify Himself?”
General / private Q&A1. What did the vision in Acts 10 mean when it mentioned clean andunclean animals and what was the significance of that vision.2. Why did God punish Ananias and Sapphira in Acts 5…was it becausethey did not give all of theirs stuff to the church?3. What is up with that strange sermon in ff and why did Paulpreach this way?4. Are Believers really supposed to argue like Paul and Barnabas did in?5. What are we supposed to take away from when it comesto God’s will and dangerous situations? And what is the role that painand suffering play in our lives?6. What is the take-away from Philip’s interaction with the EthiopianEunuch in ff?7. What is the significance of the strange question one of the Disciplesasked in ?


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