GPR 001: Bible Support Pilot
Growth Project Radio

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The orginal pilot episode! It starts rough but lots of great info to be found here!
We discuss the Gospel of John and answer questions from the group
What we’re the genealogies all about in Mathew? Why was that important? How is Jesus from the line of David if he is not blood related to Joseph?
Why was Jesus baptized by John? Why would he need to be baptized? What does he mean when he says “fulfill all righteousness?”
Why was Herod anxious to exterminate Jesus?
What’s the deal with Jesus being tempted by the devil? Is this literal or figurative? Is this a parallel of something.
The First words of Jesus’ ministry in the Bible (as it’s cannoned) are “repent for the kingdom of heaven is hand.” What is the significance of this phrase? Also the first words of John the Baptist?
Deep one from chapter 5. Christ came to fulfill the law? What does that mean? Why does he reiterate the law and almost make seem to make it harder?


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