Engaging The Arts


From time to time we will bring on guests who are using their art to further the truth of God’s Word. Whether it is a skateboarder spreading the Gospel by engaging in this popular pastime, or an author who uses the horror genre to shine the light of God’s truth, we will find those who are using art by pouring it through the prism of God’s Word.

Movie Reviews

We take a look at current and not so current movies and put their message under the microscope of God’s Word. While acknowledging that the world’s philosophy is certainly not our own, we try to point out any potentially positive aspects of the movie, assisting the Christian person/parent in making an informed decision. These reviews are available on our Growth Project blog.

Short Films/Fiction/Essays/Poems

We envision that Growth Project will be a home for Christians who wish to express their faith via the artistic gifts God has given them. These endeavors are designed to be creative from an artistic standpoint while being correctly oriented to the truth found in God’s Word.

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