Christians and Politics

The First Question Every Believer Should Ask Before Entering The Voting Booth

We are once again fast approaching that time where we get to actively participate in the “Grand Experiment”, a term attributed to Alexis de Tocqueville (though he almost certainly did not use that phrase at all), which describes the implementation of the principles of democracy upon which our nation was built. In other words… it’s nearly election time.

This is always a fascinating time, no matter how you might look at it. It has worldwide ramifications and inspires harsh, usually hateful rhetoric from all political persuasions. I have said it before and will maintain until I die that politics is the religion of the world. It has all the elements of a religion. It has a high priest (President); a priesthood (Congress); scribes (media); evangelists (pundits); followers (everybody else); holy scriptures (political platforms and precepts); and zealots (those who virulently defend those scriptures). 

There is intolerance for those who do not believe and adhere to the political holy scriptures. There are calls for canceling, firing, and the public humiliation of those who dare to speak out against the precepts. There are even those who wish death on people who do not believe, adhere to, or act in concert with those precepts. Yes, it is the religion of the world… which makes it a false religion. To miss that is to miss how dangerous it is for Believers to become a part of this false religion.

Of course, God warned His people of this fact around 3,000 years ago when the people abandoned their trust in God and clamored for a “king” like “all the other nations” (1 Samuel 8:1-22). God’s people chose the way of the world rather than trust God with their leadership. They placed their trust in a secular, political paradigm instead of placing their trust in God. God then told them exactly what would happen as a result. His warnings look as if they could have been written yesterday. Because today a large swath of Christians have placed their faith in a secular, political system rather than placing their trust in God.

The main question we should be asking ourselves when we walk into that booth is: Do I really trust God? Or do I think the only way things can change for the better in this country is to elect the “right” people? You need to stop and ask yourself that question right now.  And you need to answer it honestly. Because answering it honestly might lead you to an extremely uncomfortable but necessary revelation about what role the false religion of politics plays in your life. Here is the reality.

The political Left mocks your faith. The political Right co-opts your faith to their own end. There are very (VERY) few exceptions to those two statements. Politics is a human construct, comprised of humans, managed by humans, subject to all the frailties of humans. Does God work His will through this construct? Of course, He does. He works His will through a variety of worldly, human constructs. Not because they are holy… but in spite of it. Joseph recognized this when he was unfairly sold into slavery and unjustly placed into prison. These are two secular, worldly constructs comprised of frail humans and He used them to accomplish His will. As I said, Joseph himself recognized this when he proclaimed, “What you intended for evil, God intended for good” (Genesis 50:20).

On the Wednesday after election day, how are you going to feel if your “guy” doesn’t win? The same God that put Jimmy Carter in the White House put Ronald Reagan in the White House. The same God that put Barack Obama in the White House put Donald Trump in the White House. God will put either Joe Biden or Donald Trump in the White House this time, as He does with all ruling authorities in the history of the world (Romans 13:1). If you, as a Believer, really think that if your person doesn’t win that God didn’t want that… then you do not believe in the God of the Bible. You believe in a god that does not exist, one that is created in your image. 

What prayer are you willing to pray before you pull that lever? Will the prayer be to let Trump win? Will the prayer be to let Biden win? Or will it be the prayer that we should be praying: Lord, Thy will be done. Or would you rather not pray that particular prayer? Are you worried He may not pick the “right” one? Liberalism will not save this country. Conservatism will not save this country. No political ideology will save this country. Only the Gospel will do that. I trust that whomever God chooses to be President of the United States will only serve to accomplish His will. What do you trust? 

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