Why Did Jesus Compare Himself to a Metal Snake?

Why Did Jesus Compare Himself to a Metal Snake? John 3:14-15 In just a couple of weeks, we here at Growth Project will release our second book. The first one we published was called The Marriage Pyramid and focused on what it means to have the marriage God intends...

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Is God Really Sovereign?

The very short answer to this question is an unqualified “yes”. If God is not sovereign over all things, then He is not God. It is really as simple as that. But I do understand the question, especially in light of what is currently happening around the world. A...

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A Promise Kept

Dr. Danny B Purvis It might be helpful if I explain to you the genesis of this blog. I mean, besides the fact that this is the Growth Project blog…and I work with Growth Project…which means I write the blog. It started back in about 2008. At that point,...

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